Coaching with Neuroscience

Coaching with neuroscience helps you understand the unique way in which your brain works, and uses evidence-based tools to optimise its function

The benefits of coaching with neuroscience

Brain-based coaching looks at the root of who you are — the communication between the neurons in your brain and your body.

It’s a chance to intentionally embed new neural pathways, to open the door to more effective thinking.

You discover how your brain controls decision-making, habits, behaviours, emotions, actions and reactions. The results of this can be life-changing. 

When your brain functions at full capacity, you can create unprecedented levels of transformation which last a lifetime. 

You have the opportunity to: 

Through greater understanding, you can inspire not only yourself but also your teams, colleagues and others around you.

Help your leaders to unlock their potential with these interactive workshops, grounded in neuroscience. These can be delivered as 90-minute sessions or combined to create a half-day workshop.

90 Minute Session

The Goldilocks of the Brain – Your Pre-Frontal Cortex

This session uses the latest research in neuroscience to help reduce the impact of stress on effectiveness.

90 Minute Session

From Vision to Action: Harnessing the Power of the Task and Default Networks

Explore how to toggle between the brains two dominant networks to become a more creative and productive leader.

90 Minute Session

The Balanced Leader – Leveraging both hemispheres of your brain

Explore the brain’s left and right hemispheres and understand why mastering a balance between the two is the hallmark of effective leaders.

90 Minute Session

Neuroplasticity – Unlock Your brain’s potential for change

Discover the power of neuroplasticity and learn how to ‘rewire’ your brain for improved leadership efficiency.

The 7 levels of Personal, Group & Organisational Effectiveness

This workshop is an opportunity for your leaders to deepen their understanding of themselves, their team members, and the energies which shape their actions and results.

A one-day in-person workshop for Leaders and their team. Alternatively this can be delivered as a half-day virtual session


Brain-based coaching.
Why choose Yvette Jeal? 

I am a certified and licensed neuro-transformational coach — one of very few people who use this discipline within executive coaching.  As a PCC (Professionally Certified Coach), I work with leaders and C-suite executives around the world to help them achieve higher levels of effectiveness. 

By coupling more than 20 years’ commercial experience with this contemporary neuroscientific technique I help you unlock your true potential to bring about powerful, lasting change. 

Is it really possible to change? 

In the past, it was thought that our brains were hard-wired and predetermined. In fact, our brains are malleable and changeable at any age. 

We can actively choose to carve out new neural pathways. With practice, we can build the will to push past the brain’s anti-change signals. 

These sessions weave together the strands of effectiveness and practical neuroscience. If you’re a science geek, you’ll love the rigour and applicability of the sessions. If you’re a creative type, it’s a chance to play in your brain with easy-to-use tools.

Let’s chat about which workshop could work for you.