Discover the Power of Neuroplasticity to Unlock Potential

A 90-minute workshop for leaders and their team

In this workshop, we examine the power of neuroplasticity — the brain’s malleable ability to carve new neural pathways in response to experience.

This session demonstrates how that neural flex and change can be harnessed for significant improvements in leadership efficiency.

It’s a chance to focus on your own leadership style. You learn how to recognise unhelpful thinking habits and behaviours —and how to `rewire’ your brain to permanently change them.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.”

With practice and commitment, you could learn to:

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Available in person or virtually. May also be combined with the following sessions to create a half-day workshop: The Goldilocks of the Brain, Task and Default, or Left & Right Hemisphere.


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The Goldilocks of the Brain – Your Pre-Frontal Cortex

The Balanced Leader – Leveraging both hemispheres of your brain

The 7 levels of personal, group and organisational effectiveness

From Vision to Action: Harnessing the Power of the Task and Default Networks

These sessions weave together the strands of effectiveness and practical neuroscience. If you’re a science geek, you’ll love the rigour and applicability of the sessions. If you’re a creative type, it’s a chance to play in your brain with easy-to-use tools.

Let’s chat about which workshop could work for you.