With over 20 years’ commercial experience, Yvette Jeal PCC connects with organisations across the globe to coach and develop world-class leadership capability in their senior executives.


For executives operating at a senior level, Yvette’s one-to-one coaching is transformative, enabling coachees to emerge as the leaders of the future with greater resilience, sharper focus, and increased impact.

What to expect:

Yvette partners with individual executives through a series of sessions delivered over 6-12 months and provides bespoke, focused, and confidential executive coaching, in line with individual objectives.

This can include coaching to develop areas such as :

Yvette can also bring in different coaching techniques, such as outdoor and event based coaching.

“Yvette has enabled me to break down my barriers, enhance my communication and impact and has taken my career to the next level.”

Virginie Hollebecque,
VP and MD for Western Europe and Middle East, Ciena

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Perfect for gaining a fresh perspective

Some clients benefit from being taken out of their typical daily work environment and find inspiration by being in nature. Studies have shown the positive and tangible effects of nature on clearing the mind, refocussing our thoughts, and acting as a catalyst for change.

Outdoor Coaching takes the session to whichever environment best suits you – walking in the countryside, by the beach, or anywhere outside the normal setting – and allows the change of scenery to inspire self-awareness and natural progress.

Open space coaching

I had a particularly difficult challenge to face, and stepping outside the usual work environment inspired me to think differently and find a fresh approach

Charlie Nyren
Head of Sales Development, Bupa Global North America

Career Coaching for individuals

Career coaching can rekindle the passion for your work, put you back in the driving seat of your career, and prepare you for interviews, presentations, team leadership and more.

According to research, it takes 6 months for senior level recruits to get fully up to speed in their new roles. By hiring a transition coach during the first 100 days, that time can be halved. Your new executive can make a positive impact more quickly.

The programme is customised to the individual. It begins with a discovery meeting, followed by 4 one-to-one sessions over the first 3 months.

Your senior recruit receives valuable support as they navigate the environment, meet fresh challenges and settle into your company culture. The programme consolidates your investment in the new hire, makes them feel valued, and maximises their chances of success.

Coaching beyond the 100 days is available, for more information and details on how this works:

First 100 days coaching programme

“Yvette’s programme was an incredibly worthwhile investment and instrumental in helping me focus, prioritise, overcome challenges and make a successful impact in my first 3 months”

Helen Hayward,
Commercial and Operations Director, Arcadis

A ‘Personal Brand’ is the essence of you. Consciously understanding your personal  brand within your job role helps to elevate credibility, position you as an authority  within your area of expertise and increase influence.  

What to expect:

An insightful, interactive in-depth one to one session. Here you will develop a deeper understanding of  who you are, appreciate what you bring to the table as a senior leader, learn to step into your power and start owning it. You can expect to articulate your personal brand positively to others, present your value in everyday interactions and enhance your leadership style.  Benefiting from Yvette’s extensive experience of coaching leaders, this is an immersive  session with the opportunity for individual reflection to successfully identify your own ‘Personal Brand’.  
Understanding your personal brand

“Very rarely do you get a chance to really consider your own brand – too often managing upwards and downwards. This was a great opportunity to really  understand my own DNA”

Tom Cartledge, CEO
Handley House Group

The Power Hour is dedicated to helping clients declutter and get into a winning mindset before an important meeting. It’s a time to organise thoughts, cement ideas, and narrow down outcome objectives to the most critical focus.

This 60-minute coaching session before an important career event is delivered close to an event. Because it is scheduled outside of the usual coaching structure, it is designed to be dynamic, agile, and needs-based. This type of coaching has proven to be transformational for my clients’ most important events helping them create the influence they had visualized for themselves from the outset.

Power Hour

“We all have those crunch moments when we need to make a big impact. Yvette’s Power Hour proved to be the perfect preparation, helping me turn ideas into a compelling story, considering how to pitch to different stakeholders and focussing on successful outcomes.”

Michael Cervenka, Head of Future Technologies Group,
Rolls-Royce plc

Career transition programme

This bespoke Career Transition Programme has been created specifically to meet the changing demands of the current economic landscape and will enable senior leaders to be confident and fully equipped to transition successfully into new roles.

Tailored to match the needs of each client, this programme is delivered on a one-to-one basis via virtual meetings and includes an extensive range of exercises, practical resources and materials. 

“Working with Yvette on her ‘Career Transition Programme’ helped me to understand my personal brand, what I bring to the table and how to bring this to life at interview, ultimately securing me the role! I would highly recommend this programme to any leader who wants to have the edge in this competitive job market.”

Chief of Staff, FTSE 100 Technology Company

Programme Overview

Introductory session

This initial session is the key step in building a supportive and trusting working relationship between client and coach.

Personal brand coaching session

An in-depth session to discuss your life and career in detail and reveal the ‘essence’ of you, helping to position you as an authority within your area of expertise.

CV & LinkedIn Session

A consultation with a leading professional CV & LinkedIn writer who will ensure your CV & LinkedIn are targeted towards your objectives, reflect your personal brand, and are professionally presented. 

Resources and Materials

You will be provided with a wide range of resources and materials throughout the coaching and to help prepare for the final interview coaching session.  

Interview coaching session

Focussing on content, delivery, and engagement this session enables you to practice responding to interview questions, perfect your interview technique and give you the opportunity to bring your story to life in a confident, conversational style.

Accelerate – A Career Programme for Senior Leaders

As a senior leader, understanding your value and articulating this to others is vital at points of career progression.

This Career Programme is a series of focused sessions designed to increase the impact, confidence, and executive presence of leaders.

Yvette runs her Accelerate programme globally to a diverse, multi-sector client base, enabling executives and thought leaders across the world to benefit from this bespoke, powerful programme.

“Yvette’s Accelerate Programme equipped me with the confidence and gravitas to take the next step in my career as a director, amazing!”

Sian Whittaker, Commercial and Operations Director, Arcadis Group

Programme Overview

Welcome session

Confidentiality, trust and a client-centred approach are at the heart of this programme and this initial session is the first step in building a supportive working relationship between client and coach.  

Personal brand coaching session  

An in-depth session to discuss your life and career in detail and reveal the ‘essence’ of you, helping to position you as an authority within your area of expertise.

MBTI feedback and personal impact session 

For deeper personality insights, this includes a feedback session enabling you to recognise strengths, blind spots and communication style. 

Resources and materials 

A wide range of resources/materials will be provided to help you start formulating and articulating your brand.

‘Bringing it all to life’ coaching session

We work on bringing your story to life in a conversational style. Enabling you to talk confidently about yourself and what you bring to any given situation in your career – from interviews to critical new business introductions.

Team Development Services

Learning and developing as a team promotes deeper understanding of individual preferences and behaviours leading to a more focused, united team ready to enable an organisation to thrive.

As a qualified and highly experienced MBTI® practitioner, Yvette uses the MBTI® as a platform  to reveal how people communicate and how  to increase their awareness and understanding  of others' differing personality types and how they affect an organisation's progression.

Applying Steps 1 and 2 of MBTI® coaching centres  around strengths, identifying blind spots, communication  style and decision making. This new, deeper understanding of self and others helps inspire new levels of effectiveness,  improve working relationships, and enhance productivity  for individuals, teams and entire organisations — delivering  powerful results particularly at points of career transition  and organisational change.

Team development MBTI
“Yvette delivered a virtual MBTI session to our Strategy Team in the US. It was a huge success! She kept us all engaged, brought it to life and helped us understand how to apply the learnings back in to the business. We learned so much about ourselves, our teammates and how to both complement and challenge each other in a balanced way.”

Kim Crane, Growth Office Project Manager, Avanade

In organisations with a coaching culture, the benefits filter down to all — so this programme is designed to equip your leaders with coaching skills.

They discover how to nurture, inspire and empower others to become the best they can be.

We look at a leader’s 5 essential roles — expert, manager, leader, mentor, coach — how to switch between them, and when to focus on the role of coach.

Using real-life scenarios, the programme helps leaders develop the art of active listening and skilful questioning. They learn to use the GROW model to pinpoint, unlock and harness potential within a team.  

As a leader, you may spend too much time `doing’ — providing answers, solving problems. On this program, you discover how to enable others to take ownership of obstacles, and the means to overcome them.  

During practical exercises, you gain insights into your own leadership style. You also get the chance to practise your new skills and receive constructive feedback.

Back in the workplace, you can put your coaching skills into practice straight away. Team members will feel valued and become more accountable, leaving you free to focus on strategy and innovation. For your organisation, productivity rises in tandem with your reputation as a go-to employer.

“This course added real  value to our leadership  team, and I would highly  recommend it to any leader  with people managers.”

 Emma Maslen,
Managing Director UK & I Enterprise SAP/Concur

Assertiveness is the confident, positive and empathetic voice used to express yourself clearly in situations where you want to be heard. In many ways it's the foundation of respectful professional relationships. 

Lack of assertiveness can lead to stress, and it may even limit your career progression. Assertive behaviour, on the other hand, increases your impact and influence at work.

In this workshop, you discover how to communicate your feelings, opinions and needs whilst retaining the goodwill and respect of your colleagues.

We explore the differences between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour — and you’ll gain insight into your own communication style. You learn how to identify your own needs and set boundaries; how to recognise limiting thoughts; how to overcome barriers and break patterns.

If you’ve ever said `yes’ when you mean `no’, or not spoken up when you have something to say, this workshop will be transformative. Equally, if you sometimes come across as too heavy-handed, you’ll discover how to assert your rights whilst respecting the feelings, beliefs and rights of others.

This workshop is an opportunity to try out assertive skills in a safe environment. You can practise the language and phrases which help frame future conversations — even difficult conversations — and learn non-verbal techniques which reduce stress, drama and conflict.  

You can expect to leave with confidence in your communication abilities, excited about putting your newly acquired skills into practice.

The workshop usually takes place with a small group to create an open, trusting environment.

An excellent workshop on fine- tuning your communication skills.  It really defines how to address other professionals in a way that enables connection, influence and buy- in.
Yvette created a fun format and kept everyone engaged and on their toes! She is one of the best facilitators I’ve worked with – and I’ve worked with a lot in my 25 years in the business.”

Chris Winn,
Senior Director, NorthEast Region Security Leader – Avanade

Imposter syndrome is a topic that regularly comes up in coaching conversations and often emerges during periods of growth and change.

Common amongst senior leaders, ‘Imposter Syndrome’ describes the difficulty that many high-achieving individuals face in recognising, valuing and owning their success.

If you’ve ever felt like a ‘fraud’, lucky to have reached where you are or feel you’re not as well qualified as others think you are, then this workshop is for you. You will benefit from Yvette’s experiences of working with industry leaders as she reveals ways you can increase your leadership impact and gives you the resources needed to achieve this.

You will leave with powerful and proven techniques you can use to overcome this, believe in your value and ultimately remove this barrier – enabling you to progress your own career even further and enjoy continued growth.

Please note: This workshop is ideally run with a small group where a trusted environment can be created.

Imposter syndrome workshop

“I had the pleasure of joining a breakfast workshop led by Yvette on ‘Imposter Syndrome’- It’s something most people will experience in their career. Together with 10 inspiring women we unpacked what this meant and left the workshop with our personal prescription of ‘Imposter Busters!’ “

Transformational DirectorBT Consumer Division

We all experience setbacks. However, we have a choice in how we respond to them. That choice is determined by mindset — whether we lean towards a fixed mindset, or a growth mindset.

People with a fixed mindset often shy away from risk. They generally prefer to stay in their comfort zone, avoiding effort and perseverance because it reduces the risk of failure. They sit still, while others fearlessly grasp opportunities and move forward.

For those with a growth mindset, setbacks are an opportunity to evolve and learn. They embrace challenges, see effort as the reward, and failure as inspiration to succeed. It’s the difference between `I don’t know’ and `I don’t know yet’. 

Most of us are a mix of both, but if you’ve found yourself saying, ‘I can’t do that’, or ‘That’s not my strength’, you’ve already experienced a fixed mindset.


In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover which mindset influences your decision-making. 

If a fixed mindset is capping your potential, I help you turn it around and transform your thinking. With a growth mindset, you give yourself the chance to succeed. You open the door to new experiences and life-changing opportunities.    

Yvette delivered an inspirational 1 hour workshop to 35 members across our Nordic territory. It really helped the team to bond, and challenged our thinking on how to support each other and approach our business with a growth mindset. We still refer to this session today!

Emilie Solomon,
Regional Sales Director – SAP Concur, Sweden


Yvette is also a speaker and contributor on emerging topics and can work with organisations in the following capacities:

Situational Coaching

Visiting events or places of work to provide real-time coaching to executives. This can help to build deeper understanding of issues or to support during high pressure scenarios.

Fireside Chats

Discussions on relevant topics including conversations with specialists to bring subject matter to life for your target audience.


Organiser and contributor to webinars – bringing people around the world together to learn, share and connect.

"Clients have invited Yvette into their companies primarily to introduce coaching to them and to gain executive engagement. "


Interested in learning more about how coaching can help you and your team? I look forward to hearing from you!

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