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What is coaching?

Interested in coaching but not sure what it really means? Check out this video from the International Coaching Federation to gain a better insight.

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    Develops the individual

    Do you have ambitions to move on in your career and progress within your company. Have you (or an employee in your organisation) been stuck in the same role for too long?

    Would you like to look at your position with a fresh perspective and set foot on the path to promotion? 

    Or, having made that transition, do you want the confidence to be seen as a leader and address the challenges that lie ahead?

    Then coaching is for you.

  • productivity
    Increases productivity

    Have you noticed how much better you and your team work when everyone feels happy and confident?

    Because coaching guides coachees to find their own answers to challenges, it helps boost feelings of empowerment and self-belief.

    According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study, 70% of clients reported a positive improvement in work performance.

  • ROI
    Returns on investment

    Coaching is statistically proven to increase revenues and output. 

    According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study, individual clients reported a median return of more than 3 times their investment and companies an average of 7 times their investment. 

    When you add in the personal growth and empowerment to take charge of your life and career, the real question is: can you afford not to use a coach in today’s business environment?

    Turns Executives into Leaders

    For a Director, Head of Department or upcoming talent to be a true leader, they must have confidence and self-belief. They must bring their teams on board, navigate complex business environments, and learn to increase their presence in the business world. 

    Coaching can work in synergy with every type of personality to develop the ability to speak publicly with confidence, deal with challenging individuals within teams, hone creative and strategic thinking skills, and truly own the role they have earned.

    Creates a confidential, supportive environment

    Confidentiality is at the heart of coaching. As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) I adhere strictly to their codes of ethics.

    After all, how can we explore the path that has led us to the decisions we make today and the way we respond to situations without the confidence to speak with total transparency?

    I see the rapport and trust I build with my clients as the very foundation of the work we do. In early sessions I establish a genuine understanding of the individual and the range of challenges they face.

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Life changing

Coaching transcends every aspect of your life, dramatically improving your professional performance and output and bringing meaning back to your career.

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(Perfect for C-Suite / Board level Execs / Directors)

Strengthening areas such as presence, impact, leadership, decision-making, and creative and strategic thinking, executive coaching turns an exec into a true leader.

Learn to deal with the challenges of an executive or leadership role, and approach them with renewed confidence, self-belief and ability.

“Yvette’s real niche value is her ability to help clients develop strong self-awareness, enabling them to maximise their strengths and achieve their goals”

- Neil Morling, Chief Financial Officer, Olswang LLP



(Perfect for people of all levels facing a new challenge)

When you have invested time and money in recruiting the perfect candidate for the role, why not enhance the chances of their success and impact on your bottom line with a 100 day transition coaching programme?

It can take a senior executive 6 months to get fully up and running in a new role. The 100 day transition coaching programme can help you halve that time.

“Yvette’s programme was an incredibly worthwhile investment and instrumental in helping me focus, prioritise, overcome challenges and make a successful impact in my first 3 months”

- Commercial and Operations Director, Global Consultancy & Design Organisation



(Perfect for anyone looking for change or next steps in their career.)

Many highly skilled, ambitious and positive professionals suffer from a lack of engagement in the workplace. Maybe you have spent too long doing the same thing, or you feel you have lost sight of your path.

Career coaching can rekindle the passion for your work, put you back in the driving seat of your career, and prepare you for interviews, presentations, team management and more.

“Yvette’s career coaching programme equipped me with the confidence and gravitas to take the next step in my career as a director, amazing!”

- Sian Whittaker, Commercial and Operations Director, Arcadis Group



(Perfect for any sized organisation seeking training and development for their leaders).

Workshops are tailored to meet your organisational objectives and can include delivery in the following areas:
Coaching Skills for Leaders: equips leaders in your organisation with the skills, knowledge and tools to coach others effectively.
Personal Brand: enables senior executives to understand and own their ‘brand’ and teaches them how to use it positively to increase their influence across the business.
Change: strategies and tools for leaders to enable effective organisational change.
Mindfulness for Business: In the fast paced corporate world where change and disruption are inevitable this workshop focuses on how to find space within this to make mindful and powerful business decisions.
MBTI: for teams who need to work closely together, this workshop improves communication and team dynamics.

"I have worked with Yvette for a few years now both personally and with my team. All of her coaching interventions have delivered great results in driving our business forward at SAP Concur, and for us all as individuals".

- Emma Maslen, Managing Director UK & I SAP Concur



(Perfect for gaining a fresh perspective)

Some clients benefit from being taken out of their typical daily work environment and find inspiration by being in nature. Studies have shown the positive and tangible effects of nature on clearing the mind, refocussing our thoughts, and acting as a catalyst for change.

Open Space Coaching takes the session to whichever environment best suits you – walking in the countryside, by the beach, or anywhere outside the normal setting – and allows the change of scenery to inspire self-awareness and natural progress.

“I had a particularly difficult challenge to face, and stepping outside the usual work environment inspired me to think differently and find a fresh approach”

- Charlie Nyren, Head of Sales Development, Bupa Global North America



(60-min coaching session before an important career event)

The Power Hour is dedicated to helping clients declutter and get into a winning mindset before an important meeting. It’s a time to organise thoughts, cement ideas, and narrow down outcome objectives to the most critical focus.

This session is delivered close to your event after all other preparation is completed. Because it is scheduled outside of the usual coaching structure, it is more dynamic, agile, and needs-based. This has proven to be transformational in the approach to some of my clients’ most important events.

“We all have those crunch moments when we need to make a big impact. Yvette’s Power Hour proved to be the perfect preparation, helping me turn ideas into a compelling story, considering how to pitch to different stakeholders and focussing on successful outcomes.”

- Michael Cervenka, Head of Future Technologies Group, Rolls-Royce plc


  • "As a French executive working for a large global American company it's important for me to be able to move comfortably amongst a broad range of styles and cultures. Working with Yvette has enabled me to break down my barriers, enhance my communication and impact and has taken my career to the next level."

    Virginie Hollebecque
    VP and MD for Western Europe and Middle East, Ciena
  • "We all have those crunch moments when we need to make a big impact. Coaching sessions with Yvette proved to be the perfect preparation, helping me turn ideas into a compelling story, considering how to pitch to different stakeholders and focussing on successful outcomes."

    Michael Cervenka
    Head of Future Technologies Group, Rolls-Royce plc
  • "Yvette is a tremendous coach who can help you find your strengths and weaknesses, provide a practical plan for addressing improvement areas and help drive your career forward. Yvette has a gentle yet assertive approach to coaching which can tease out key insights and help you to understand things about yourself - which you probably already knew - but were afraid to admit. I have worked with Yvette now for a few years both personally and with my team. All of her coaching interventions have delivered great results in driving our business forward at SAP Concur, and for us all as individuals."

    Emma Maslen
    Managing Director UK & I SAP Concur
  • "I was introduced to Yvette to work on complex senior stakeholder relationships. The first key realisation for me was that the coaching process was about changing myself and not the outside world. We developed a great relationship and with Yvette’s persistent, challenging and engaging approach I was able to expand and refine my communication skills such that they are now second nature. I now feel equipped to enter any given situation and convey clear messages with confidence and maturity."

    Ian Penny
    Director, Ricardo Automotive EMEA
  • "I’ll admit, as owner and chairwoman of five companies and with a successful career in business under my belt, I wasn’t sure there would be a lot to gain from professional business coaching. How wrong I was! Yvette has a real knack of making you feel secure and able to open up about anything and everything and I found the entire experience both invaluable and cathartic. It’s fair to say that the one-to-one coaching I had over the period of eight months helped me get to a place in my life I have long wanted to be and I will miss the sometimes deep and probing conversation but most of all the, at times, hysterical laughter!"

    Julie Bowmer
    Chairman, Baker Bennett
  • "Yvette has an established track record in top end recruitment and a real ability to get the person behind the CV. This blending of her experience in recruitment together with her natural inclination to coaching creates a very purposeful business orientated combination. This means that she immediately grasps the need to show how she can add value - both to the individual and the company who is often supporting the coaching costs"

    Wayne Close
    Managing Director - Bupa Global, North America
  • "I was recently promoted and embarked on the 100 Day Transition Coaching Programme with Yvette. I have found this invaluable in helping me to focus & prioritise my key objectives, overcome challenges and enable me to make a successful impact within the first three months. This has been an incredibly worthwhile investment and I would highly recommend the programme."

    Helen Hayward
    Commercial and Operations Director - Arcadis
  • "Working with Yvette on her 'Career Transition Programme' helped me to understand my personal brand, what I bring to the table and how to bring this to life at interview, ultimately securing me the role. I would highly recommend this programme to any leaders who want to have the edge in this competitive job market."

    Chief of Staff
    FTSE 100 Technology Company
  • "As a global business lead in tech professional services, communicating remotely with C- level executives globally is part of my daily life, meaning that I could seek out the best executive coach for me anywhere in the world. I am so happy that that I found Yvette Jeal as it’s been an extremely enlightening experience. The 8-hour time difference was no barrier to us always having incredibly productive and inspirational virtual sessions. The accountability in the coaching program meant that I could progress in all my goals – some quite significantly – and I loved that I could apply the learnings immediately into my role. The expertise Yvette has working with high-performing executives has provided me with a deeper level of coaching that I have not received in other programs. Yvette’s coaching became invaluable while I prepared for and attained my next promotion because, during this time, I became pregnant and welcomed our newest member to the family. As I return to work with confidence from my maternity leave, it’s a great pleasure to work with Yvette again to onboard me into my new role!"

    Jennifer Ferrara
    Global Strategy and Change Lead for Products, Innovation & Incubation Avanade


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About me

“I understand what is expected in the business world and the challenges you face. I transitioned to become a professional business coach when I realised that building relationships and helping people achieve their dreams was the driving force that had made me successful.”

I often get asked why I became a professional business coach, and although there are many reasons, the sentiment is simple:

I get great pleasure from helping people reach their true potential in life.

With over 20 years’ commercial experience and a successful career in the corporate world, I understand what is expected in business and the challenges you face, and I’m here to help you navigate your own path with the success and satisfaction you deserve.

This might mean helping you develop powerful decision-making, leadership and strategy skills in order to achieve personal and organisational goals, or looking into patterns of behaviour that affect the way you interact with those around you.

Whatever your challenge, my belief remains the same:

YOU already possess all the tools to reach your full potential. I am simply here to help you dig deep and unlock them to perform better than you ever thought possible.

I specialise in working with executives and board-level clients from start-ups right through to global blue chip organisations and I am passionate about educating myself on the latest coaching techniques – I never stop learning new ways to work with my clients. I’ll be the first to admit that this journey can be challenging, but it is also extremely fulfilling, productive, and, ultimately, career and life changing.

I look forward to joining you on it!





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