What does an Olympic snowboarder know about running a business?

“Your mind says `that’s enough’, but you always have the capacity to do more.”

Jussi Oksanen is a Finnish snowboarder. If you’re a snowboarding fan, you’ll know him as `the Finn with the perma-grin’ – creator of jaw-dropping snowboarding videos and a 1998 Winter Olympian who managed to stay on top of his career for 17 years. 

So, you may be wondering what he’s doing on my website. What can an Olympic snowboarder teach us about business? 

Watch the video below and you’ll find out, because Jussi’s success didn’t stop when his snowboarding career ended. He reinvented himself, using what he’d learned as a competitive snowboarder to establish two flourishing businesses. 

In the next 27 minutes, you’ll discover what Jussi can teach us about the importance of continual learning, resilience, goal setting, fear of failure… and the value of side hustles. Sit back, relax and get inspired by his wisdom.