The Power Hour – The Final Step For Success

Have you ever entered a high stakes meeting, a potentially life-changing pitch, or a career-defining phone call and felt that despite all of the preparation, something is still missing? That the work you (or even a full team) has put into it over the days, weeks, or even months has you ready on paper, but you need one last step to get the clarity and focus necessary to succeed?

If so, you are not alone. In fact, it is what we do once the best plans are set in place that can make or break an outcome. This is why I developed the Power Hour, a 60-minute coaching session in the run-up to an important career event dedicated to helping clients declutter, put everything else aside, and get into a winning mindset. Because the Power Hour is scheduled outside of the usual coaching structure, it is a more dynamic, agile, and needs-based session that has proven to be transformational in the approach to some of my clients’ most important events.

The Benefits of the Power Hour

  • This hour is dedicated to getting you mentally prepared to enter an important meeting in a “success state-of-mind”
  • It’s a time to organise thoughts, cement ideas, and narrow down outcome objectives to the most critical focus
  • We can cover concepts such as potential objections, different styles and how to best leverage your knowledge of your audience
  • We schedule it close to your actual event at an optimal time for you after all other preparation is completed, so you can hone in, declutter and gain the positivity and lightbulb moments necessary for success

“We all have those crunch moments when we need to make a big impact. Yvette’s Power Hour proved to be the perfect preparation, helping me turn ideas into a compelling story, considering how to pitch to different stakeholders and focussing on successful outcomes.”

–Michael Cervenka, Head of Future Technologies Group – Rolls-Royce plc
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